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Our Marketing Services


With your consultation with us,

we will work closely with you

to develop a customized strategy 

tailored to your unique business

goals and target audience.

Event Planning

As event planners, we conceive,

organize, and execute special affairs

for your business custom-tailored

to suit your predicted outcome

and budget. 

Social Media Management

We tailor your specific social media

needs to keep your company relevant

and digitally current. We provide

content and engage your audience

while managing your company's

digital footprint.

Graphic Design

A custom-made graphic-designed

flyer and video for social media is

the best way to maximize your brand.

We will make sure your brand is clear

and consistent in everything

we design.

Our Vision

At OLashay, we are completely aligned with your vision of ensuring

every business is set up for success. We believe that clear branding

and messaging play a crucial role in achieving this goal. By crafting

a strong brand identity and effectively communicating your message,

you can captivate your audience and establish a connection with them.

"OnJaLee is a superior event specialist. Her networking skills are thorough. She brings people together with resources when others are unreliable. She makes things happen in an industry that can be filled with traps and pitfalls. I would recommend her for any project that requires a person that can guarantee a successful outcome."

- Ernest Paul Jones

  • Event Planning

  • Graphic Design

  • Social Media Management

  • Wix Website Design

  • Marketing Consulting

  • Video and Photography

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